Busy January Monsters…

Recruiting at Lakehead University

Lynn Maksymchak, Mike Skinner and Mark Gauthier were  just at Lakehead University recruiting potential teachers for Nechako Lakes.  Currently one of the richest jurisdictions to recruit teachers from is Ontario and so Nechako Lakes joined  employers from across Canada to find potential educators.  Apparently they had significant interest by students as all the interview slots were filled up.  What a great looking booth!2014-01-24 09.45.34


Donna's Cake

I would like to start by recognizing significant achievements by two of our employees.  Many of you may know or have heard of Donna O’bee who works in the Finance department at the School Board Office.  Donna started work on her Certified General Accountant designation about 15 years ago and just received confirmation earlier today that she has passed her last course and exam and is now a certified General Accountant.  Please join me in passing on a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Donna on this significant achievement.  We are very proud of your determination and commitment to this learning goal.  I couldn’t grab a picture of Donna today (hence just her cake) but perhaps she’ll let us share a picture of her with her professional certificate in the coming weeks.

We would also like to congratulate FLESS teacher Ashley Posnikoff who has recently completed her Masters in Special Education from UBC. Congratulations on this significant achievement Ashley!

SD91 /Lake Babine First Nation Language & Culture Project

Earlier this school year, School District 91 partnered with Lake Babine First Nation to begin a very exciting curriculum development project focussed on recognizing the language and culture of the Lake Babine people.  Please set aside 6 minutes to watch District Aboriginal Principal Calvin Desmarais and SD 91 teacher Jesse Fairly describe the project. Lake Babine employees Monty Palmatier and Louise Lacerte are integral components of this project and we hope to share a video featuring their perspective in the coming weeks.

Skype in Classroom Comes to Nechako Lakes

Recently, Skype and a digital camera were installed on all Smartboards in SD 91.  A ‘How To’ use Skype in the Classroom document has been added to the Staff Resources section (click HERE) of the SD 91 website and educators are encouraged to check out this tool for connecting and collaborating with teachers, classrooms and guest visitors from around the world.skype

There are a variety of ‘How To’ documents on the web but here are some links to help educators get started (just click on the title:)

Even though many teachers will have their own personal Skype account, we are requesting that teachers create a new account using their SD 91 email address specifically for their classrooms.

New Teacher Introductions

My name is Megan Boniface and I live in Surrey, BC with my husband and two children. I am a lover of science, running, the outdoors and good coffee. My educational background is in Chemistry; I worked in industry for a few short years before returning to school to pursue secondary teaching in 2007. I have had the opportunity to teach in various parts of BC and was teaching in SD91 just prior to moving to the Lower Mainland. It is with great pleasure that I am returning to EBUS Academy in a new role. My main role involves working with EBUS students enrolled in a variety of courses whom live in Vancouver. I am excited to be part of the Nechako Lakes School District again!

Megan Boniface

Introducing Courtney Staples

This past May, I graduated from UBC with my Bachelor of Education with a Specialization in Teaching English as an Additional Language. I moved from Vancouver to Burns Lake in September and have experienced my first true Northern Winter (even though it appears to be a mild one). I am teaching Grades 3-7 out at Francois Lake. I am finding the experience valuable and the community a warm and welcoming one.Megan Boniface

Introducing James Thwaites

James TI’m a teacher of diverse experiences and interests.  Previous to teaching I’ve done every job from restaurant management, to freelance writer to religious minister.  I believe in  fostering individual growth and looking at social/emotional issues within the classroom.  This is my 7th year of teaching, mostly in First Nations Schools.  Currently I’m teaching grade 5/6 at WL McLeod.  I’m fortunate enough to have the best class in the district (sorry everyone else…my class is the best).  As most people at McLeod (and Ebus) know I’m not a “quiet” teacher: usually in my classroom there is music playing, kids working in the hallway, projects going on, and a happy sense of craziness!

Wow…Student Work!

Monster Project

Submitted by Anna Pye, NVSS

Just before the holiday my Media Class (11-12) collaborated with Roz Harper’s class (6-7) and created Monsters together.

I found an interesting article online (click HERE) and thought it would be fun. 

Roz was very accommodating and invited me to speak to the kids about monsters….I had them sketch a very simple drawing (line drawing) and we then presented it to my Media class. The students did not know the names associated with the elementary art and began colouring and tracing on Adobe Photoshop. The Media class created a background based on the hints produced by the drawings. It was pretty fun!

The samples are below (please click on one to see them in a large size and then scroll through the drawings.) Our students then met together and had a little picnic !


FSJSS teachers Marnie Dinwoodie, Tyler Jantzen, Jessica Gooding, Andrew Vogelsang, and Sonia Dunn recently organized the 2nd annual FSJSS Art Gala. Thank you for the hard work in showcasing the artistic talents of your students.

Renaisance Video – NVSS

NVSS Social Studies 9 teacher Lena Miller shared this student created video entitled, Daily Life in the Renaisance World…enjoy!

Four Pictures – 1 Word Literacy Strategy

Submitted by Heather Derkson (FLESS)

I am part of the Literacy team for FLESS, and at the last Faye Brownlie session we were shown a great way to use a popular app (4 Pictures 1 Word) to study vocabulary. When I came back I had my grade 10s use PowerPoint and www.biteslide.com to create their own 4 Pictures 1 Word slides for some of our poetry terms.  Attached are some of the slides they created.

Heather also sent along a powerpoint template to create these slides but I was unable to attach it.  Please contact Heather if you would like a copy of the Powerpoint template.

See if you or your students can find the correct answer for the slides below and post your answers within this blog entry: 

Screenshot 2014-01-24 20.44.15 Screenshot 2014-01-24 20.44.05 Screenshot 2014-01-24 20.43.44

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