Happy Valentines Day….

valentine_s_cardSchools will be buzzing this week with final preparations for Valentines day….card exchanges, dances etc.  I’m away from home for V-day this year and so will be making up for that with chocolates and gifts:)  Intermingled with the Feb. 14th special day will be a focus on the young scientists in our district being judged at their school fairs this week.   I had an excellent day at Mapes Elem. on Friday as a judge at their Science Fair.  I was able to shoot a video of one of their grade 7 students who I’ve watched over four years become an excellent Science Fair presenter creating some very innovative and original experiments.   I didn’t have time to put the video together for this week’s post so watch for it in the coming few weeks.

Other news from around the district includes news from this year’s Ski and Snowboard Zone Championships held at Murray Ridge Ski Area last week.  Although I don’t yet have the official results, I understand that all of our schools did well and Nechako Lakes SD will have several athletes competing at the Provincial Championships in Smithers in early March.  The Provincials are being hosted by LDSS this year. 

I know that we have a number of community and staff coaches in a variety of sports across our district (future post) but specifically I would like to thank our Ski and Snowboard coaches for all of the time that they have spent with our students on the mountains this winter:snowboarding-austria

As mentioned in last week’s post, NVSS was hosting their first ever Winter Camp with Junior Secondary students from their Beijing Sister School.  This meant that Chinese students and staff were billeted to a variety of Home Stay families in the Vanderhoof area.  From all accounts this was an outstanding experience for both our visiting students and our Home Stay families.  I heard many, many stories about:  star watching (a difficult activity in Beijing), being astounded at the size and number of pets that we have in our homes, downhill skiing, tobogganing, hanging out.  Chinese students and staff commented on how much they enjoyed the culture and atmosphere at NVSS.  Teary farewells were said quickly on early Thursday morning as the students departed for their long voyage home.  

A farewell dinner took place on Wednesday evening and this short video highlights some of the entertainment and family pictures that were taken during the evening.  Families posing for pictures were asked to take several pictures but one of which had to be a ‘SILLY’ pose and those are the ones shared in the following video.  Not all of our host families are shown in the video but I would like to pass along a very big THANK YOU to everyone who opened up their home last week to this opportunity.  In addition I would like to extend a very special acknowledgement to Fine Arts teacher Sue Carberry who helped to organize entertainment for the evening.  In very short notice we enjoyed performances from:

  • Jodie Pereira & the NVSS choir
  • Jason Chu (Piano)
  • Libby Hart and Proud to be McLeod ‘Wizard of Oz’ actors
  • Maggie Fraser and McLeod Flash Mob dancing.  (The full event occurs Feb. 27th)

A reminder that the February CHALLENGE is focussed on asking teachers how they help our learners to better understand their unique learning style.  

Please email me with pictures, student work, announcements, events, etc.  occurring in schools and classrooms 

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