Racing to Professional Development

Friday, Nov. 23rd is our 3rd pro-d day of the 2012-13 school year…….it feels like we just started this school year and here we are already at our third learning day of the year!  These days should be treasured and maximized to ensure that our learning is having an impact on our daily instructional practice with students.  I have recently been thinking about how we learn as adults and perhaps even more specifically, how I learn best.  The tweet below really got me to thinking about my use of my own personal network and how rich the learning has been when I communicate with those that exist within this PLN (Personal Learning Network.)

Interestingly, my network consists of many SD 91 folks, but it also consists of many, many people who teach in various jurisdictions around the world and my PLN continues to expand weekly.

This concept that my learning is not as dependent on a single expert as it is on the learning that I co-create with the others in the room.  The power of learning from others is the entire concept behind the power of collaboration  or networking and creating opportunities for teachers to TALK with each other can be a very powerful learning experience.

I recently had an opportunity to connect with educators around the province to hear powerful plenary speakers and see a variety of public school projects from around the province.  If you are at all interested in the powerpoints from these presentations, please visit:  As an example of the projects that were shared, here is a video from the East Kootenays that connected students to Dukhobor elders….very powerful and inspiring.  Watch this video in your next staff meeting when looking at the power of digital media to connect with students and their greater community:

This video and many others like it should serve to get the conversation started around how projects like this are the types of learning that inspire and engage learners (my guess is that it is these types of projects that also deeply engage teachers!)

I am really excited that Fort St James Secondary is going to attempt an EdCamp format for this Friday’s professional development day.  EdCamps have been happening around the world over the last few years and are focussed on providing a space for educators to talk and share their expertise and ideas in a setting that maximizes networking and collaboration without a special presenter.  See some of these blog posts for feedback from Delta School District’s most recent Ed Camp:

I’m hoping (and encouraging) that folks participating in thisEd Camp opportunity this Friday will post their thoughts and impressions within this blog entry.

As far as pro-d events that I am aware of in our district, they include:

  • Introduction to Mind-Up  –  District Training Room
  • Art of Inquiry from both a Teacher and Student Perspective – Wl McLeod Library
  • School Web Site Development – WL McLeod
  • Robotics – (Talk to your school principal or Darren Carpenter)- FLESS
  • EDCamp – FSJSS
  • Response to Intervention / Smartboards – LDSS
  • ERASE / Literacy through Inquiry – WKE
  • Kurzweil / Teaching with Technology ~ NVSS

Just a friendly reminder and a gentle nudge that we are still looking for entries into our October Classroom challenge that is focussed on Sportsmanship.  If your class has a story about Sportsmanship, please add it to the challenge which can be found HERE.

If you haven’t yet joined twitter, check out some of these tweets from SD 91 tweeters:

I have one final story to share with any of you that are still reading at this point and it is about the most recent 2012 Cross Country Provincials that were hosted by NVSS, even though the event took place in Prince George.  Although the events were scheduled for the weekend of November 10, Brian Nemethy (& some colleagues) drove into Prince George 4 times prior to the weekend to clear snow from the track and ensure that all final details were taken care of.

The championship involved 30 boys teams and 30 girls teams – all from different schools – as well as a number of individual entries.  In all 279 girls and 286 boys competed.

Many positive comments have been received from across the province (and from CBC commentators in PG) and no one mentioned the weather at all.  In fact Brian was told that he has now set the new standard for future championships.

NVSS hosts again in 2014!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out regarding our first attempt at an EdCamp format for Friday, and also for the link to the Delta blogs. I am going to forward this to my staff so they can get a better idea of what we are trying to do. We’ll definitely let you know how it goes. Thanks, Manu!

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