October Challenge ~ CTV drops by Mining 11

Good morning…I apologize for the tardiness of this update, however what is apparent is that no matter how busy I might be, great stories continue in our school district daily.  THANK YOU to all of you who have sent pictures / videos / and stories for ONE91 and I am working on a larger post that will capture these over the next few days.

This short post is primarily intended to get our October challenge out to students and teachers.   As many of you may know, Mr. Vogelsang’s classroom from Sinkut View won the September challenge and they have chosen to save their $100 in winnings and put it towards their year end field trip (Mr. V…why don’t you and your students add a comment to this post telling us what you are planning.)  Mr. V’s class was asked to come up with our October challenge and so they have chosen the theme of ‘Sportsmanship,’ something that Sinkut View has been focussing on.  Ok the challenge:

Describe an individual or group act of SPORTSMANSHIP that has occurred in your classroom or school this school year.

As with the previous challenge, all posts will be entered into a draw for either a Pizza Meal for your entire class or $100 contributed towards a class field trip.  Looking forward to hearing the stories.  We will announce our winner on Monday, Nov. 26th.

I do have a YouTube video to share with you from the CTV series, Mining Your Future.  A number of LDSS students had written to the show telling them how much they were enjoying Mrs. Sue Ferguson’s Mining 11 course and due to this student feedback, a CTV crew and host Maggie dropped by LDSS and shot a video segment that was featured in the final show of the season.  Watch it below (it begins at about the 8 min mark.)  Great work Mrs. Ferguson….your students certainly spoke volumes about your course!



  1. One 91 Challenge – Sportsmanship

    Nominee: The Nechako Valley Secondary School Senior Viking Football Team, Coaches, Family, Fans and Friends and the School District 91 Maintenance team.

    The EVENT: NVSS is to host the Final football game before Provincial qualifications for a game against College Heights and host a dinner afterwards.

    The PROBLEM: A foot of snow and a puddle of slush on the field.

    The GOAL: The field and the food must be ready! We are the hosts!

    The SOLUTION: The Maintenance team brought in a special snow clearing machine from Burns Lake to go over the field on Friday November 3rd, without damaging the turf. On Game Day, Saturday November 4th, the Coaches, Friends, Fans and Members of the Football team woke early to bring snow-blowers, shovels and wheelbarrows to clear the remaining slush off the field while parents prepared casseroles and desserts at home.

    The RESULT: The game was played on clean green grass but our team experienced a disappointing loss. Nevertheless, the group of Football players and supporters demonstrated excellent teamwork and sportsmanship qualities by hosting both a playable field and a warm home-cooked dinner after the game. That is good sportsmanship!

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