Babine Elementary Secondary, Project Agriculture & Wacky Wednesdays

This picture of Trustee Rosalie Nichiporuk was taken at the Vanderhoof Ed Chat last week where great conversations about the Graduation Program were held.  A similar Ed Chat was held at Sowchea School in Fort St James on Thursday evening with approximately 25  people participating.

Hoping that everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  We have much to be thankful for in Nechako Lakes and perhaps I’ll start this week by introducing the energetic staff of Babine Elementary Secondary in beautiful Granisle.  This last June, BESS staff and students bid a fond farewell to Graham and Susan Wood who were returning to their beloved Newfoundland to begin their retirement.   This fall, BESS teacher Mr. Michael Gall accepted the post of Lead Teacher and will be working directly with LDSS principal Mr. Mike Skinner.    The students at BESS are served by teachers Michael, Jonathan, and Lindsay who are joined by support staff members Janette, Kimberly, Lorna, Trina, Emily, and Judy. 

This new and exciting partnership with LDSS will allow for students from both schools to take advantage of unique learning opportunities.  In September, students from LDSS visited BESS for an outdoor ecological scavenger hunt as well as a friendly game of ultimate Frisbee.  A great time was had by all.  This week, secondary students from BESS will be visiting LDSS to participate in a career event with local Universities.

Watch for more pictures and news about the learning going on at BESS this year!

Have you heard of WACKY WEDNESDAYS?

Longtime EBUS elementary teacher, Raven Sundahl, has been hosting Wacky Wednesdays at EBUS for many years.  There are stories of students delaying planes because they were not going to miss WW.  Although Raven has offered Wacky Wednesday to SD 91 schools before, this year she is attempting something new by offerring the WW session outside of school hours.  Students from across our district are invited to join EBUS families from around the province for a 6pm Wacky Wednesday session.  Information for WW was sent to all principals and you can contact Raven for more information.

Using Good Questions to focus on INQUIRY

A good question leads to many more questions and SD 91 classrooms are sharing some of their best questions from SEPTEMBER.  If you have not checked out the previous blog post asking classrooms around our district to share their questions from September, check it out HERE for a great read.  All responding
classrooms will be entered into a draw for either a pizza lunch or a donation towards a year end trip.

This Week:

WL McLeod is hosting the District Cross Country Run this coming Thursday at the Vanderhoof X-Country Ski Trails.  Hoping that we have some pictures to share next week.

Our 2nd Project, Camp Natural Resource Management, also happens this coming Thursday and Friday.  SD 91 students have been participating in these ‘hands on’ career oriented projects for many years and we are always appreciative of our community partners that make these happen.  CHeck out this video of Project Agriculture pictures from last week.  

We have had some great conversations in both Vanderhoof and Fort St James around the Graduation Program and Ed Chats are going to happen at 7 pm in  Fraser Lake this Wednesday and in Burns Lake on Thursday.  Come out and join the conversation!


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