Tell us about your Sept and enter to win a pizza lunch for your classroom…..

As I looked at my calendar this week, I realized that an entire month of this school year had already passed….wow that went quick!  One of the reasons that the One91 blog was created was to create communication between our schools and classrooms around the district.

I wanted to get this post out just before the long weekend so that teachers and students could think about this question and perhaps tackle it next week.


As a class, think about September and reach some agreement on the best question from your class in the month of September.   This could have been a student, teacher or guest question.  You don’t need to post the answer to the question, I am just looking for the question and a short reason for why this question was so good.

To enter, just respond directly to this post and remember to identify your class by grade and school (ex. 3/4 – Mapes).  This challenge is open to every K – 12 class in Nechako Lakes.  If you post a class reply to this challenge, you will be entered into a draw for either a pizza lunch for your classroom or a donation towards your year end class trip.

Looking forward to hearing the great questions being asked around our school district.


  1. Carpenter 6/7: EDS
    Our best question came from presenter Amir Javid at an assembly this week.
    “When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt?”
    We had great conversation about what makes us happy and why unconstrained joy is so important. On a less profound note, our second best question was from a student during stretches.
    “Did you say Darth Vader?” This question made us laugh until our stomachs hurt.

  2. Planning 10: LDSS — The block 3 Planning 10 class decided that the best question of the month came from our guest speaker, Ken Blair, who is a safety officer from Worksafe BC in PG. His question was “Is it worth it?” — his meaning was “is taking a safety risk on the job worth the consequences”.

  3. Decker Lake 3/4 class. The best question this month came from a forester who asked the kids if a tree grows up or out. This brought a great discussion about cones, tree growth, and figuring out how old a tree is.

  4. Andrew Vogelsang, Sinkut View- Grade 7 inquiry. I am teaching inquiry with the Grade 7 students and they have come up with some very interesting questions in which they would like to explore.

    1) What would happen if there were no government?: In this quest the student is going to look up all the roles that government plays in our society and speculate as to what would happen if they did not fulfill those roles. It hopes to be a very interesting line of study.
    2) Another student wants to know “what hormones affect brain function” and another is interested in Neurotransmitters: these two students came to me and asked how the hormones affect the brain and they are going to focus their inquiry to a few hormones and the roles and actions of those on brain function. The same structure of inquiry will be followed with the student looking into neurotransmitters.

    These are just a few of the interesting ideas that students want to know the answers to.
    If you need more class questions or more information on the questions mentioned above please let me know.
    Thank you and have a great day.

    Andrew Vogelsang

    • Hi, Andrew. This sounds so great. I am also interested in inquiry learning. Perhaps we can share some strategies with each other – what works, what doesn’t. Good luck!

  5. Mine is not so “deep” as the others, but funny.

    Mrs Cross: So after the kidney transplant, my Dad always carries a part of me with him.

    Student: What?!?!

    Mrs. Cross: Because he has my kidney now.

    Student: Does he carry it in a jar?!?!

    LOL. He was just teasing me.

  6. David Hoy Elementary 6/7. How can we be good global citizens? This questions came about during our Social Studies lesson and flowed into our Health and Career class. The class has now become the GCC – global citizens class/club. They gave the staff happy notes and baked them cupcakes on World Teacher Day. They want to extend this to students, and our community.

  7. The Geography 12 class at Fort St. James Secondary was considering the problem of blood ivory, or the poaching of endangered animals for their ivory tusks. Natasha asked the question, “How aware are we of what is going on around us?” When we read about this problem on the National Geographic site, we were shocked. It’s not like we don’t care, as humans. We need to be more aware of what is going on. Here is our current events blog on this topic:

  8. Ms. Inden’s Humanities 9 class at FSJSS just finished reading Sherman Alexie’s Absolutely True Diary of Part-time Indian. Levi asked, “Why did Alexie write this book?” He thought that the author had some bad memories he was trying to deal with. Kianna thought that he wrote the book to give kids hope. She thought that it would help people leave something important to go do something else important.

  9. Mr. Morry’s English 7-9 class at BESS just finished our unit on Satire. When we began this unit in September our unit focus question was “How do words and images change us?” The students have enjoyed looking at magazines, cartoons, literature, and tv shows when dealing with this question. Recently, we have turned our discussions towards bullying, and magazine articles that promote beauty as an external and often misconstrued ideal. It has been an interesting opening to the school year.

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