Ed Chat, 1701s, Project Agriculture, Amir & Student Gardening…does it get better?

This week begins what we hope are continuing conversations with our communities around education and how it has changed and continues to change with new learning about best teaching practices, emerging technologies and the needs of our current learners.  If you have found your way to this blog post, it would be great to have you attend one of these community Education Forums.   Please note the dates below:

Vanderhoof – Tuesday, Oct. 2nd at 7 pm at WL McLeod School

Fort St James – Thursday, Oct. 4th @ 7 pm at Sowchea Elem.

Fraser Lake – Wednesday, Oct. 10th @ 7pm – FLESS

Burns Lake – Thursday, Oct. 11th @ 7 pm – LDSS Library

These first community ED Chat sessions will be asking participants to think about BC’s Graduation Program with some leading questions.  Come and be part of the Public Education discussion in your community.

This was another really busy week in Nechako Lakes as all of enrollment data needed to be confirmed, collected and readied for submission to the Ministry of Education.  I can’t say a big enough THANK YOU to our administrative assistants and high school counsellors who helped us review this data over and over again all week in an effort to ensure that we had it right.  Let me just say that there are numerous boxes, checkmarks, dotted ‘i’s and crossed ‘t’s that are involved in this process and it couldn’t be done without a TEAM effort.

Project Agriculture was held this week and I understand that it was another excellent experience for the students that were involved.  On behalf of the School District, we would like to thank all of our community partners (I promise to have pictures or a video soon) for making this such an engaging and rich learning experience for our students.  Learning cannot happen in schools alone and Nechako Lakes is fortunate to be able to offer a variety of “hands on”, real life projects for our students to participate in.

I also had a great conversation with Dean Ephrom this week.  Dean is a plumber / pipe fitter in the East End of our district.  If you know Dean, you also know that it is pretty rare to see him without a student shadowing him regularly.  Dean told me that a number of our tradesman, throughout the school district, regularly do this to help show our students the viability of the trades and to provide them with real world experience.  When I asked why he did this, Dean looked at me puzzled and said, “It’s our job to support students, I wouldn’t even think about not doing it!”  Watch for a future post with pictures and videos of our students involved in this great work experience opportunity.

SD 91 welcomes Amir Javid to our schools and communities this week.   Amir is a former lower mainland gang member who now presents “Real World Truths” outlining the reality of gangs and how young people can avoid them.  Amir is presenting at each of our high schools this week and to grade 7 students in a few of our elementary schools.  If you are interested as a parent in watching Amir’s presentation, please call your local high school to get dates and times.

Last week we received 5 comments to the One91 post….thank you!  We also had a request from LDSS to insert some pictures and updates from their school and so I am going to keep the bottom of the blog posts open for any school that would like to share news.


The Endeavours gardens, located behind the school, were filled with potatoes, carrots, chives, leeks, cabbage, rhubarb and raspberry canes as well some beautiful marigolds.

Photo one – Allanah MacDonald set up the tripod for the sprinkler while Mrs. Lindaas worked with the hose.  Mrs. Firomski worked on one of the raised bed.  Photo two – Roy Nooski removed the roots off of one of the cabbages with Ms. Wulf while Travis Burkett took a break in the background.


Our students and staff were saddened to hear of the passing of the Lakes District Secondary School’s first graduate, Mr. Bill Gilgan.

Born on July 7th, 1917, the academic career of William Wren Gilgan began as a student in the one room schoolhouse at Tchesinkut Lake where he studied from the age of five until he finished Grade 9.  In both Grades 5 and 9, he was pressed into attending as they needed ten students to keep the school open.  The school normally only went to Grade 8 but he continued to attend and took his Grade 9 by correspondence.  He then went to stay in Burns Lake and attended the Burns Lake Superior School, a combination elementary and secondary school.  In 1936, William Gilgan became the first student to complete Grade 12 in Burns Lake.  His other four classmates had dropped out during the school year.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Mr. Gilgan worked with various companies throughout the Northwest.  He also spent 23 years as the Mayor of Burns Lake.

A tribute to Mr. Gilgan is displayed with our graduation class photo composites.  We invite anyone who is interested in reading more of his biography to stop by the school.


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