A Week of Learning Together…

Another busy week in Nechako Lakes.  The week started with our Board’s first meeting of the year and they were greeted with a student and teacher (thank you Sue and Kathy) delegation that shared their summer travel experiences.  The board was lucky enough to have two student powerpoint presentations along with many student stories about their travel and why such opportunities are important.

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of working with SD 91 continuing education staff and the staff of CNC in Burns Lake,  our adult education partner in that community.  Similar to our K – 12 classroom teachers, here was an educator group that was passionate about engaging with our adult learners and ensuring life long learning.  There was no shortage of conversation around engaging curriculum and instructional strategies that work well with adults.  Thanks to you all for a great day and I look forward to visiting each of your centres over the coming school year.

As I visited schools during the week and talked with educators, I learned about some of the activities scheduled for our first professional development day of the year.   Lakes District Secondary was hosting Tom Schimmer and although I couldn’t attend, I am looking forward to hearing about this day with one of BC’s leading education voices.  Fort St James Secondary was working with Zelda Craig, a facilitator who works on helping create high functioning collaborative teams.  In Vanderhoof Brigitte had organized a unique two day (Friday and Saturday)  French instructional workshop using resources from AIM Language Learning.  I’ve heard from a few teachers about how excited they are to begin using this in their classrooms…watch and listen for kids using gestures and speaking French at the same time!

I had an opportunity to work with Kendra Grant from Sublime Learning, our Smartboard Training partner for the next two years on both Thursday and Friday.  Kendra worked with a group of educators who have volunteered to be the ‘Smartboard – Technology’ trainers in their schools and communities.  Although we all agreed that we had much to learn, this group was keen to try out a variety of SMARTS tools and will be sharing the online eTeachables video resource with their schools next week.  All educators in our district will be receiving a login to access the eTeachable library to view a variety of Smartboard video resources.

This coming week brings us Project Agriculture (Sept. 26 – 28) at Martens Farms in Vanderhoof.  I’m looking forward to stopping by and grabbing some pictures and perhaps a video.

There was no shortage of energy or enthusiasm by educators this past week as many conversations were held on how to engage our learners to impact achievement.  Hopefully you all had a relaxing weekend enjoying the fall sunshine….couldn’t resist showing you a picture from Battleship Island on Stuart Lake!

Last week we had 4 visitors to the blog that left a comment….thank you!  Let’s see if we can get to six (6) comments this week….all you have to do is say hi and where you are from!



  1. Sounds like an exciting week Manu! Great to have the quick update about things that are happening – should we send you our school zone reports – we can send them as an audio clip in case people wanted to look for them here? Lisa

  2. I got the link for this through Twitter, great to be able to connect this way and see what’s going on in our district!

  3. At NVSS we spent the Pro D day learning more about FN culture and history so that we can have a better understanding of our students and the stories they bring with them to school.

  4. The summer trip to China sounds fabulous and such a great experience for our learners. Thank you for the link Manu. This is a great way to communicate!

  5. Hi Manu,
    Thanks for a great introduction to SD91! I enjoyed meeting everyone and look forward to the next two years. For those who participated in the Friday ProD session feel free to contact me if you have any questions – big or small 🙂 kendra@sublimelearning.com

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