First 5 Days….What do you hope to do?

As the lazy days of summer come to end, the excitement of a new school year and all the hopes and dreams that come with it, are alive and well in this last long weekend.  Teachers, administrators and a variety of support staff are busy in schools prepping for the morning of Sept. 4.  The excitement is contagious as teachers think about what they hope to accomplish in the first 5 days of school.  Many teaching veterans will tell you that September is very important and the first 5 days of school can be the most important for establishing the routines and relationships that will last for the next 10 months.  In my travels to schools this week, I had the chance to be toured through the new elementary wing of Fraser Lake Elementary Secondary School by incoming principal Lisa Ketlo.  She took me through Stephanie Lindstrom’s brand new bright green classroom and  I could see that Stephanie was anxious to get in the room and make it her own.  Stephanie was about as excited as Lisa was thinking about her new school and her plans for welcoming students, parents and staff on the morning of Sept. 4th.

I had a chance to walk through both David Hoy and Sowchea Elementary schools over the long weekend and was not surprised to see that every room in both schools had been prepped with a variety of colourful bulletin boards and messages to ensure that students felt welcome on the first day.  It is clear that we are lucky as a district to have so many dedicated and hard working educators who recognize that creating a welcoming environment is key to helping students achieve.  Take some time to share with your students, their parents, your colleagues and with this blog, what your goals are for September and the first 5 days.

Here is a video to help you think about your First Week:

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